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Video Transcript: Activated Charcoal: The Fire of Transformation (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: So, what is activated charcoal used for? Tune in here for Part 2 of David “Avocado” Wolfe’s presentation at TTAC Live 2019 to find out! If you missed the first episode, go here to watch Part 1.

David Wolfe: Now let’s keep going; this evolves. Whenever I go somewhere, this is on the beaches of Peru, we always do a fire. And in this particular case, I was planting a garden up. So first thing I’m going to do is the bottom layer on the garden, the bottom layer when I plant a tree, the bottom layer of whatever you’re going to do with the earth is charcoal. You get the charcoal, the bone fire, the bonfire, the bone fire, the bonfire. All up on this beach is all the dead animals there in Peru. And all the walrus’, sea lions, and stuff and we just throw it all in there and then I burn it., bone fire, bonfire. Next thing you know, that’s the basis for the beds that we’re planting up for all you gardeners out there because we do have the technology now to grow the best food ever of all time. Does that sound good?

Audience: Yeah.

David Wolfe: How about this? Real quick principle, David Avocado Wolfe principle, here it is. Who’s ready?

Audience: Ready.

David Wolfe: Who’s asleep? Let’s wake up. Come on. This is our best day ever. Here we go. Take the best food ever, grow it the best way ever, have the best day ever, and bam, healing is an automatic byproduct. Right. Take the best foods ever. We can grow anything. I love lettuce, I love drunken woman lettuce. That’s my favorite. That’s how it moves. It’s trippy. But I’m going to take superfoods, I’m going to take the best things ever, grow them in the best way ever. It’s just a thought. Okay, let’s keep going.

This is kale coming up in my garden, all grown in charcoal, nothing else added. It’s trippy, very interesting. This is sea buckthorn. Look, it’s all grown in charcoal, nothing else added. How about that? You see what happens? Experiments. Right. Pseudo scientists don’t do experiments. It’s all pseudo science. Medicine’s figured it all out. That’s why everybody’s dying and they’re forcing you to die now. Right. That’s what it’s all about.

Then comes this. Then comes this. You think you’re done for, you are not? You think you got all “Stage 4, it’s too late for me”, but maybe you—No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The Truth About Cancer is giving you options. Here’s an option right here.

The greatest breakthrough in longevity research in animals ever. What precipitated it? Research on a fraction of activated charcoal called fullerenes. About 1% of all activated charcoal contains fullerenes, the main one being C60, usually 60% of the overall fullerene content. The people who elucidated that substance won the Nobel Prize for 1996, sir Harry Kroto, Rick Smalley, and their crew.

This substance then started being tested in all different types of industry. And this toxicology study by Fathi Moussa was a groundbreaker published in 2012. This man had figured out accidentally how to double the lifespan of mice and rats.

This right here, the fullerenes is really interesting. These are these types of compounds. Most charcoal, as you know, is in sheets, right? If you look at it, like it’s a graphite, it’s in flat sheets. If you look at charcoal wood, it’s in sheets, right? It’s on the rings, flat like that. But not all charcoal’s are that way, when treated with high amounts of electricity, lightning strike for example, they can form spontaneously into globular shapes and then solidify in that state. Those are called fullerenes. Those are the most powerful agents of detoxification that have ever been discovered. Two in particular, C60 and C70, the carbon 60 and the carbon 70.

Now the carbon 60, let me just show you what that looks like. It’s actually the same shape as a soccer ball. It’s 20 hexagons, 12, pentagons. The reason why a soccer ball or football is that shape is because you can kick it and it won’t break. So you can kick a fullerene and it won’t break. Fullerenes are oil soluble, olive oil soluble in fact, and they can penetrate all the way into every tissue in your body, breast tissue, brain tissue, wherever there might be a problem of some sort.

All you’ve got to do is start looking and start looking down this track. Was actually this that got me into taking the activated charcoal regularly. A friend of mine in Calgary, she’s an Olympic trainer, she called me up, she’s said, “You ever heard of the C60 stuff?” I was like, “No.” I said, “Send me a website.” She sends me a website. I was like, “Okay it’s interesting, I call her back.” She says, “One of my athletes, 10 year he’s rowing, beat a 10 year plateau on this stuff.” That was enough to get me, “Oh, I’m gonna try it.” 10 year plateau in a sport is hard to beat, right?

Audience: Yeah.

David Wolfe: So that was just stuck with me. I was like, “Okay, let me try this.” That got me into it heavy, two months into it. I started because I’m like, “Let’s drink the whole bottle.” Don’t do that. Do not do that. But after about two months of that stuff, taking heavy amounts, I was like, “Wait a second.” I got this really strong instinct for activated charcoal then found out that they’re connected, then found out that it’s a fraction aided piece of the overall activated charcoal anyway, right. Instinct tells you, intuition, higher powers, always telling you all the time what to do. And you just go, “Yes, God, I will listen. Sorry.” Please I’ll listen now.

We’re always trying to be saved nonstop. Right? All the things, all your little answers right there, “We all know my ego says, no, I can’t do that. Oh, my ego says I can’t eat rabbit food. My ego says I can’t.” Whatever. And meanwhile God’s always going, “Well, here, I’ll save you again. Here you go, I’m going to save you.” Oh, no, my ego goes this and that. People are dying because their ego needs to die. That thinks it knows something. That’s what’s going on. Nothing’s better than when you’re forced into a change. It really, it’s the best thing for you.

Here it is. Here’s another little David Avocado Wolfe thing. Ready? The best thing for you is the worst thing that ever happened to you. It’s true because it forced you into change. It changed you, it changed your mind. And there is nothing more deadly than a closed mind. There’s nothing more incurable than a closed mind.

This right here is a whole new world of research. This has always been here though. People could have figured out years ago, 100 years ago, 1000 years ago. Trees hit by lightning, that charcoal is different than charcoal burning in a fire. I got a question for you, who invented the light bulb?

Audience: Thomas Edison.

David Wolfe: Nope. It’s not Thomas Edison. This is the programming. This is how intensely we’ve been programmed. Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb. He bought the patent for it and perfected it. The original charcoal filament that was in that light bulb gave us light. When you look into a fire, let’s go back, I promise we can get back to it. When you look into a fire, and you see— That’s right, like that right there. That light, that was the original filament of a light bulb. It’s charcoal. Charcoal is electrical. It has an electrical nature to it. When you start getting it into your body, it starts to smooth and calm out all the electrical disturbances in your system. It’s something you notice.

Now most of the charcoal except for those fullerenes, those little globular pieces, stays in your intestines and acts through a process called interstitial dialysis, whereby it filters off all the toxins in your blood. For example, in the morning, the first toxins we released are the used up neurotransmitters like serotonin, that’s what caused you to be drowsy. As soon as you get up and you urinate, all of a sudden and you go, “I’m waking up now. I’m waking up now.” Why? Because you just peed out the used up neurotransmitters.

Now as you get older, your body has more metabolic troubles detoxifying, so a little assistance, like one capsule of activated charcoal in the morning, maybe two, all of a sudden you detoxify quicker and more rapidly and you wake up quicker. And the next thing you go is you go, “I don’t need stimulants to get up.”

One of the key things here about all this and one of the great things that charcoal has taught me is the power of transformation is within you. You can change your mind. You can alter your destiny. We can together, change the world. But it’s one person at a time, and we need all the help we can get. And when activated charcoal gets added in, then you find out the real truth, detoxification is more important than nutrition. Strange looks, strange as it sounds, but that’s how the world is.

Thank you so much. And thanks to The Truth About Cancer. I appreciate you guys.

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