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Video Transcript: Activated Charcoal: The Fire of Transformation (Part 1)

David Wolfe: Let’s talk about the fire of transformation. When you have a diagnosis, when suddenly it’s a change in life, we can approach it differently. We can go, “thank God this happened to me. Thank God this is me. Thank God I get to change my mind. Thank God I get to change my heart. Thank God I get to change my emotions. Thank God I get to change.”

And what is an agent of change? Fire is the agent. It is the symbol of transformation. And what comes out of that fire is charcoal. Now there is a legend that goes all the way back into Scandinavian mythology, the Icelanders turned me on to it. I’m a real fan of Iceland, I have many, many friends in Iceland. I live in Iceland part of the year. And I love that place and I love the cold because most of the world is cold. It’s really interesting, whereas, “Let’s run to comfort, more comfort hide from the cold.” It’s like, no, let’s turn around and let’s toughen ourselves up and get undomesticated. Go Bigfoot Sasquatch level, go out in the forest and go, “Yeah, let’s take it in.”

Icelanders, amazing history. There’s a legend of the kohlbitr, K-O-H-L-B-I-T-R. The kohlbitr, K-O-H-L-B-I-T-R. Sometimes a little piece of note there, a little note in the phone sometimes can come back later. You go, “Oh, what?” The kohlbitr was the runt of the litter. The weakest one in the family, the one who could not brave the ice winds, the one who could not brave the ocean and winter, the one who could not brave the calling of the sheep, bringing them back and bringing the flock back in.

The one who could not handle the conditions so they would stay in the home and manage the home fire.

On the edge of the home fire would accumulate parts and bits of birch, other edible Woods as charcoal and the kohlbitr would eat that. Right. Managing the edge of the fire, those little bits of coal, charcoal. Can you eat birch charcoal? Yes, you can. Can you eat willow charcoal? Yes, you can. Can you eat coconut charcoal? Yes, you can, of course. You should travel with me. You’re like, “Whoa, this dude is far gone.”

We go to Iceland, we went to Grimsby Island, very north of Iceland. We were like, we get to the final spot, we have to get in the water. The water is three degrees centigrade. Everybody else chickens out. I was with my buddy, Marcel, we’re like, “We’re doing this, let’s just do it. We’re going in.” So we’re out there. So we put the wetsuits on, we were out there swimming, it’s three degrees, it’s full on. You only have a certain amount of time that you can survive, right? And so you start after a half hour, you’re like, “I feel that number.” It’s like, what do we got, 30 more minutes? How much more we got? That’s the kind of person I am.

Anyway, when you come out of there, what are you going to do? Well, one of the most amazing things is you’re going to put that fire on and then it makes you your medicine. Your medicine is always there. It’s always right in front of you, it always has been. It’s never been somewhere else. I’m going to put that out there and I’ve repeatedly put that out there my entire career. Your medicine is always right in front of your face; it always has been. Take that in. And I mean that every level of meaning. It’s always right there.

The charcoal, the kohlbitr, what happens is a startling metamorphosis occurs and the runt of the litter. Gradually the charcoal starts to transform the being from the inside out, starts to nourish the being, change the being, change the quality of energy. And then the kohlbitr in Scandinavian legend, this is the way it is, becomes the hardiest, the most capable, the most resistant to cold, the toughest. The one who’s out there last at the end of the day and up first in the morning. You start taking activated charcoal in the morning, you will wake up without coffee, I guarantee you that, even 500 milligrams because everyone’s going, “How much? How much? How much? Even 500 milligrams.

David Avocado Wolfe on Activated Charcoal

Charcoal absorbs 100 times its weight in toxins, at least. That’s a very conservative state and I’ve seen numbers of size is 200. 100 times its weight and toxins—it’s the cleanup crew. With it you have an extra organ of detoxification. Without it, I’m concerned. I have been concerned. I’ve been watching all these presentations all these years, and I’m going, “Where’s the charcoal? Where’s the charcoal? Where’s the full range? What’s going on?” Like, “We need the cleanup crew. Where’s the vacuum cleaner? Where’s the thing that sucks it up?” How does the charcoal know? How does it know the difference between the toxin and the nutrient? And this is a shocker. Are you ready for it? It does know, but we don’t know how.

If you look this up, it’s typical scientism? Oh, it’s pie stacking. Okay, it’s Van der Waals forces. Right. It’s like a theory of evolution, who survives? The fittest. Who are they? The ones who survived? It doesn’t tell you anything. It’s just like a little thing. Here’s a tautology, deal with it, just to fake you out. Who survives? The fittest. Who are they? The ones who survived. It doesn’t tell you anything. It’s not predictive. Right? And that’s the same thing with all the scientific explanations.

Ultimately, I’m just going to jump right to it, at the depth of every investigation is a paradox because that is the creator’s way. So everything has to be a riddle because it keeps you guessing. So it keeps you interested. That’s ultimately the truth of everything. Any investigation into anything, you’ll find a paradox at the bottom of it. Soon as you can start getting on the charcoal, you start activating your microbiome because your microbiome is going, “Hey, where’s our little home here.” Because I have been using activated charcoal on my farm extensively for years. This year we went Berserk, this year we went crazy. I was like, “Let me get a bio chart place, it’s going to send me a tote this big.” I planted. I was just like, “I’m going to plant sea buckthorn.” You know sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn oil, beautifying oil, get the sea buckthorn oil on you. The hottest burning wood in the world. Do you know about it?

Audience: Yeah.

David Wolfe: You should know about it. Antitumor oil, sea buckthorn oil. Look into that, 1962 study—antitumor. So it is a major agent of transformation on a farm. But it’s also a major agent of change in you and all animals. Frolkis, a Russian researcher, this guy has extended the life of mice and rats 34% commonly, 40% commonly, let’s do the numbers. The best you’re ever going to get out of resveratrol is a 7% increase in lifespan. That’s the best you’re going to get. Resveratrol is very powerful and a longevity inducing substance. Now, what does that mean? 7%, okay. 7%, that’s good. Yeah, what? You’re supposed to get 100 years. You’re supposed to get 100 years. Do you have a 7% increase in your lifespan, that’s 107.

If you have a 20%—Well, let’s just get to, let’s say, stem cells. Stem cells are known to increase the lifespan of animals by 20%. They knew that’d be 120. That’s pretty good. Olive oils known to extend the lifespan of animals and humans by 9 to 18%. It’s the highest of any food commonly used in animal research and human research. 9 to 18%. So 109 to 118, that sounds good.

I’m an olive oil maniac. I love olives, I love the olive tree, I grow olives. I’ve been growing olives since I was a kid, it’s the best ever. Do you guys like the best ever?

Audience: Yes.

David Wolfe: Because we all have a choice. Today could be the worst ever or the best ever. It depends on what you tell yourself. It’s the best day ever. It’s the best day ever, say it to yourself all day long today. Watch what happens. I’ve had people open, many, many years of people coming to me going, “You know what? I didn’t believe you, but I said it anyway.”

And it became the best ever. The best day ever is real. 34% increase in lifespan is unprecedented. It’s absurd. These studies go as high between, usually with any kind of animal studies and activated charcoal, the numbers go between 21% increase in lifespan up to 47% increase in lifespan, even when the animals are started late in life. Why? Because detoxification is more important than nutrition. That’s the real truth.

You can get away with very little nutrition for years, and years, and years, and years, and years. I mean, we’ve got involuntary breatharians all over the place with all this junk food. Somebody will have to rewind that one and be like, “What?” 34% increase in lifespan, that’s 134. It’s a black substance. Black substances increase longevity, that’s an old Dallas principle. Red substances increase energy, right. So red food. So when I started going, wait, black substance, of course charcoal is black. My understanding of Chinese medicine, daoism, and I’m like, “Wait, this one was the part that they didn’t tell us.” We got the Chinese medicine theory, we got the Vedic theory, but we didn’t get the whole thing on the Yogis. Even though they’re covering themselves with the sacred ash, we didn’t get the ‘eating it’ part.

The charcoal in the morning with your water. Many, many years I’ve been putting it out there you drink a liter of water before you do anything. You get up in the morning, you drink a liter of water before anything happens, before coffee, before tea, before other things because other things will happen as soon as you drink that water. You know what I mean. You could become more regular. Can you believe that term? Like, “Let’s be more regular honey.” “Okay.”

Here’s what you add, now, one capsule of charcoal, maybe two. Work your way into it, experiment, play around. Not just when you have a tummy ache, not just when you have indigestion, not just when you have gas because charcoal works on indigestion, gas, and tummy ache immediately and stops it. You ate a cold, right, food poisoning. You ate a cold, what do you do? Charcoal, charcoal, charcoal immediately.

You probably have charcoal right now somewhere in some cabinet, somewhere tucked away in the back. And you had it when you had a tummy ache and you forgot about it, right? Yes or no?

Audience: Yes.

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